Advantages of Installing Big HVLS Fan

Advantages of Installing Big HVLS Fan

Comfortable The big HVLS Fan diameter up to 7.3 meters and blade in streamline type to allow users to enjoy 1-3m/s 3D air supply to form a natural breeze system. Easy to use The new frequency conversion with a step-less speed control system is easy to use and user-friendly operation interface allows you to enjoy the beauty of life. Beautiful and durable After complicated surface treatment, the product can avoid the pain of cleaning. The big HVLS Fan has high-cost performance and the lifespan of each fan can reach more than 10 years. Energy saving Perfect streamlined design and strict measurement selection test, one big HVLS Fan can effectively cover an area of more than 1,500 square meters and consume only 1.5KW …

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RTFANS Exhibited in Thailand

RTFANS Exhibited at the 17th TIF, Thailand

2019 Thailand Industrial Fair (TIF), February 13~16 in Bangkok is the 17th international trade exhibition for modern industrial technology, machinery, equipment, industrial supplies and services for Thailand’s and ASEAN’s manufacturing industry. It is also the dynamic platform which providing visitors the great opportunity to meet quality suppliers and discover the latest technology and modern machinery to enhance their productivity and competitive capabilities as well as to obtain special offers from leading brands and technology leaders. In this fair, Kool Air displayed whole set of cooling and ventilation products which includes HVLS Fan, Evaporative Air Cooler and Exhaust Fan. This is also the new innovative concept of “Fan & Cooler Combo” which raised by us. Large fan with natural wind got …

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The 124th Canton with New PMSM Fan | RTFANS.

Kool Air attended the 124th Canton Fair with RTFANS HVLS Fan and RDF Evaporative cooler as before in Booth No. 4.1 Y09-10. This Fair Phase one dated 15-19 Oct 2018 has held in Guangzhou, China. Started in 1957, Canton Fair has become the most significant exhibition considering the history, product categories, and look-to-buy rate with the most extensive influence of China. Over 203,346 buyers from 214 different countries and regions attended in 123th Canton Fair, which makes Canton Fair a world top class feast for global industrial manufacturing. In this Fair, besides the industrial HVLS fan, a new serial PMSM fan(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) was first presented. PMSM fan was developed based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor technology. With a diameter up to 7.3m, the PMSM …

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how does rtfans work

How do big HVLS ceiling fans works! | RTFANS.

RTFANS big hvls ceiling fans are working on a physical principle; it’s a puff that moves on the shape that causes cooling. This movement is termed “horizontal gas pressure,” directly full of vane size, the wing angle and rotation speed. When air pressure’s horizontal begin, it’s scattered across the bottom and wall with the vertical and horizontal distribution, relaxed and ventilate large areas. Under ideal conditions, 2.4 m HVLS fan size can floor pressure level creates a depth of 0.9 meters. 7.3 m HVLS fan will manufacture pressure level production can floor at a depth of two.7 meters. It’s enough to hide somebody or cow at the area center. Unlike different ceiling fans, the RTFANS ceiling fan contains a replacement economic movement of air cooling and ventilation. Inside …

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2018 spring annual party

2018 best evaporative air cooler in the spring annual party | RTFANS.

Through these years, RTFANS has become a leader of the best evaporative air cooler manufacturer&supplier in china. Spring back to the planet, everything updated! On March 23, 2019, the RTFANS New Product Launch Conference and the spring competition appreciation Dinner held as regular at the International dance hall of the Nile River building. The newest products are in production for 2019, including updated evaporative air cooler, industrial HVLS Fan, and air cooling pads. We’ve got been with one another, among the tradition of RTFANS, carrying forward the positive energy, therefore making the glory.

Study of Thailand

RTFANS’S Meeting in Thailand

Spring passed and the Autumn is coming, it’s time to study and sharing. With decision by the board, new learning and communicating meeting was arranged to be held on Nov. 5th , Hilton Hotel Pattaya in Thailand. The reason for putting the meeting at the Hilton Pattaya is because Pattaya is a favorite beach for locals in Thailand, enjoys the reputation of “Oriental Hawaii”, and it’s certainly the island vacation paradise for a lot of visitors. Communication Meeting is here, and enjoyed the wonderful afternoon tea, just feeling like into a tranquility sea.

exhibited in the 12th china

RTFANS Exhibited in the 12th China

The China (Shenzhen)International Logistics and Transportation Fair (hereinafter referred to as ) began in 2006 and has been successfully held for eleven sessions so far. Over these year, the brand influence of the CILF has been upgraded continuously, no matter the exhibition area, the participating countries and the professional audience are growing rapidly. The CILF is more and more international, specialization and marketization, which has become the largest brand event in Asia for comprehensive international logistics and transportation industry. The 12th CILF was held in Shenzhen from Oct.12th to 14th. In this fair, we mainly displayed our classic industrial HVLS Fan and evaporative air cooler, and put forward the new innovative concept of “Fan & Cooler Combo”. Large industrial ceiling …

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