Top 4 HVLS Ceiling Fan Manufacturing Companies

HVLS ceiling fans are now more common as they are the best source of ventilation in a large area. Many factories and companies use these fans to keep their workers happy, energetic and healthy. Indeed, large industrial ceiling fans and commercial ceiling fans have no competition in ventilating large areas. They provide a healthy environment through ventilation. The people in the area feel the cooling effect. Despite the big size, these fans consume very less energy per unit area. A single fan can cover a huge area around 1500 square meters at a low running cost. Therefore, they are mostly used in churches, warehouses, shopping malls, factories, barns, etc. Back in the 20th century, HVLS fans were new. Many people were worried due to the size of the fan. But now, large HVLS ceiling fans are very common.

Due to the high demand of HVLS fans in various countries, there are many manufacturing companies around the world. Today, we are going to discuss the top 4 manufacturers of HVLS large ceiling fans. We will discuss the companies and their products.


RTFANS is one of the largest HVLS fan manufacturers in China. With the experience of more than 19 years, we have built a large collection of HVLS fans to meet customer demands. Not only large HVLS ceiling fans, but we also provide a complete solution for indoor ventilation and cooling of large areas. There are HVLS fansevaporative air coolers, and different cooler and fan accessories. We aim to provide the best solution for indoor cooling and ventilation of large spaces. Our products help to build a comfortable and healthy environment where the workers can work with ease. This results in an increase in productivity.

We have a wide range of cost-effective and cooling solutions for factories, shopping malls, agricultural areas, warehouses, churches, etc. Our environmental and cost-saving technology will save your money while providing a perfectly cool and healthy environment. Our vision is to become a global supplier of environmental technologies.

We believe in innovation. Our teams work for the betterment of technology and product. We have been improving our products since day one. Our fans had eight blades at first. With research and development, we changed to six blades in the 7th generation of our fans. We have arrived at the conclusion that six blades are better for excellent performance and efficiency. Till now, we have served more than 3,250 customers. We also have 25 patents that ensure our interest in innovation and advancement. We hope we will keep serving our customers with the best.


There are three types of HVLS fans produced by RTFANS. The first type of HVLS fan is industrial ceiling fans. These fans have sizes ranging from 12ft-24ft (3.7m to 7.3m). Further, we also make PMSM fans with size in the range of 12ft-24ft (3.7m to 7.3m). There are commercial ceiling fans that are smaller than large industrial and PMSM HVLS fans. The diameter of commercial ceiling fans ranges from 8ft-14ft (2.8m-4m). All these fans are excellent for large areas. They are having low noise of less than 43dB. We make these fans according to industrial standards; therefore, they are durable and sturdy. All fans are maintenance-free and made according to industrial standards. RTFANS takes safety first; therefore, steel cables, Cardan joints, and safety locks are used. We use special alloys and high-quality motors in all fans.

RTFANS is also known for the manufacturing of evaporative coolers. We are experts in evaporative cooling and have a wide range of evaporative coolers. There are different models available having different airflows. We also manufacture portable air coolers for rooms. In addition to that, we manufacture evaporative cooling pads and different evaporative cooling accessories.

Thus, we have ventilation and evaporative cooling solutions for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial purposes. All products have a warranty and after-sales support. For more information regarding size, quote, or anything, feel free to contact us.

Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fan is a well-known company which has been serving since 1999. It is also one of the most recommended companies for making HVLS ceiling fans. The company started by selling large HVLS ceiling fans. Due to high-quality Big Ass Fans, the company stood out in the crowd and began to grow. Now, it is a trusted brand, and you can buy any Big Ass Fans without thinking because of their exceptional quality and comfort. The Big Ass fans were first used in barns and factories. Due to its excellent airflow and ventilation, the company started to grow day by day. After that, the company introduced silent Big Ass fans for churches.

Big Ass Fans is not limited to large industrial and commercial ceiling fans, it also makes residential ceiling fans – HAIKU. The residential ceiling fans are also up to the mark. Further, it provides lighting solutions as well. The iconic design, engineering capability, and sense of providing value to the customer must be praised. Its research and innovative technologies are changing the dimensions of large industrial, commercial, and residential ceiling fans. Big Ass Fans introduced SenseMe technology in their Haiku residential fans that monitor the temperature and occupancy to adjust the speed. It is also known as the world’s smallest and quietest fan.

Due to efforts into the making of Big Ass fans, the company got many awards. It got the Energy Star most efficient award in 2017. Now, the headquarters are in many countries, including the USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada, etc.

HVLS Fans by Bigass

Big Ass commercial ceiling fans are available in eight blades. The size ranges from 8ft-14ft. While the Big Ass industrial ceiling fans are available in the size range of 8ft-24ft. Industrial ceiling fans are available in eight and six blades. It offers mechanical and electrical warranty for their products. The warranty can be from 15 years to 3 years, depending on the type of fan. There are different LED models available from 30,000-lumen output to 5,000-lumen output with a warranty of 5-10 years.

Big Ass Fans

MacroAir Fans is a trusted company in making large HVLS ceiling fans. It produces high-quality commercial and industrial ceiling fans. It’s a USA based company and assembling is done in the USA. There is a global distribution network of MacroAir Fans to provide fans all over the world. The fans have greater efficiency and excellent airflow.

In 1998, the HVLS fan of MacroAir was invented. The company strived to make its products better and better through engineering advancements and researches. It is one of the largest providers of large industrial ceiling fans in the world. The aim of the company is to manufacture large industrial and commercial ceiling fans that are quiet, efficient, cost-saving, and elegant at the same time. The fans are engineered according to aerodynamic standards to offer high airflow to large areas. The MacroAir fans can be used in wide applications. These are excellent for large areas. The fans operate at a lower operating cost to ensure cost-saving while ventilating a large area.

Not only the airflow performance and quality of MacroAir Fans is outstanding, but the design is also elegant to provide a nice look to the area. They are very quiet and are suitable for areas where silence is necessary such as churches. MacroAir Fans are trusted worldwide and most renowned multinational companies use its products.

HVLS Fans by MacroAir

MacroAir Fans has a wide range of large industrial and commercial ceiling fans. The fans are available in different sizes. There are three or six blades available in fans. The size of MacroAir Fans commercial ceiling fans ranges from 6ft-12ft. While the size of industrial ceiling fans ranges from 8ft-24ft. All fans are zero maintenance; there is no need for maintenance. They have low noise and excellent power efficiency. The fans run at low speed but provide a high volume of air to cover a large area. Many models of MacroAir fans come with a digital wall remote for easy controlling. They also have an optional control system.

The best part about these high-quality large ceiling fans is their warranty. The company offers a warranty for 50,000 hours, which are equivalent to 24 years of use if used 8 hours a day and five days a week. Further, it also provides a warranty even if the fan is installed by a third-party. Many companies do not provide a warranty in the case of third-party installation, but MacroAir Fans is exceptional in this case. The company never compromises on quality, safety, and efficiency.

Rite-Hite Fans

Rite-Hite is not a new name. It is very popular in manufacturing different products. The company started as a manufacturer of loading equipment in 1980. After that, the company started to grow quickly. Now it is the manufacturer of industrial doors, HVLS fans, safety barriers, etc. The reason behind its growth is good performance and honesty. The company wants to improve security, safety, and productivity through its quality work.

Rite-Hite is also a leading manufacturer of HVLS fans. All fans offer year-round performance. They provide high efficiency and high airflow to ventilate a large area such as warehouses, gymnasiums, factories, and other large spaces. While proving the high performance, the fans also take less energy and save energy costs. Rite-Hite fans are excellent for air circulation and improvement of air quality.

The best thing about Rite-Hite fans is their innovation. They believe in innovation. The spirit allowed them to come up with a unique idea of blade design. The blade has a contoured shape that allows the fan to provide a high volume of air. While running at slow speed, the fans are capable of drawing a high amount of air from the environment. They push the air downwards efficiently. These blades are also the reason for improved power efficiency. There is no doubt that Rite-Hite fans are improving their design and the quality of products.

HVLS Fans by Rite-Hite

Rite-Hite HVLS fans are available in different sizes. The size ranges from 8ft-24ft. The best thing about Rite-Hite fans is that they can work in both summers and winters. They come with adjustable speed control that enables them to provide year-round service. The use of Rite-Hite fans in summer provides a cooling effect in the air up to 10˚C. This offers a healthy and comfortable environment with no sweating. The fans can also work with your air conditioning system to provide a cool breeze in the whole area. The setpoint can also be raised by a few degrees when the fans are running.

Rite-Hite fans operate at a very low running cost. Therefore, they take very little energy compared to HVAC systems. At a low cost, they can ventilate a large area. Rite-Hite HVLS fans can work in winters as they do destratification. They can make the area near the ground warmer. Thus, these fans are excellent for improving the air quality and comfort in both winters and summers. The innovative design saves you a lot of money. Other than ceiling fans, Rite-Hite also makes portable HVLS fans. You can move such fans anywhere in the facility.

All Rite-Hite fans have a warranty, and they also provide labor warranty. In many cases, they offer a one-year money-back guarantee. They are made from high-quality materials and can provide long service to the buyer.


HVLS large ceiling fans are very common. They are suitable to ventilate a large area and improve air quality. They can make the environment healthy and comfortable. With all these benefits, they use a little amount of electricity, which is excellent. HVLS fans can be installed in large factories, warehouses, restaurants, libraries, churches, etc. There are various kinds of industrial and commercial ceiling fans available that are suitable for almost all areas. Since HVLS fans are the need; therefore, they are in demand.

We have discussed the top 4 manufacturers of HVLS fans. All these companies provide high quality large commercial and industrial ceiling fans. All have a different design, technology, benefits, etc. But the most important thing is their support and reliability. They make fans according to safety standards. Big Ass FansRite-Hite fansMacroAir fans, and RTFANS are the largest manufacturers of HVLS fans.

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