the 126th carton fair

Participate in 126th canton fair Import and Export Fair | RTFANS.

The 126th Canton Fair Import and Export Fair 2019 has committed another extraordinarily winning event in Guangzhou, China. Happening between Oct 14 and Nov 4, the pavilion welcomes 642 exhibitors and 100,000 patrons from 38 countries and regions. The pavilion is controlled biannually throughout spring and fall and connects exhibitors and patrons from around the world to push international trade. Growing demand among the food trade, this season’s event featured a worldwide Food and Drink Show, likewise as exhibition areas for the first industrial field like home appliances, artifacts, health, and medical. With a strict choice of exhibitors and qualification review of attendees, the honest thought for providing precise trade matching and high conclusion rate of business deals. Additionally to …

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The 124th Canton with New PMSM Fan | RTFANS.

Kool Air attended the 124th Canton Fair with RTFANS HVLS Fan and RDF Evaporative cooler as before in Booth No. 4.1 Y09-10. This Fair Phase one dated 15-19 Oct 2018 has held in Guangzhou, China. Started in 1957, Canton Fair has become the most significant exhibition considering the history, product categories, and look-to-buy rate with the most extensive influence of China. Over 203,346 buyers from 214 different countries and regions attended in 123th Canton Fair, which makes Canton Fair a world top class feast for global industrial manufacturing. In this Fair, besides the industrial HVLS fan, a new serial PMSM fan(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) was first presented. PMSM fan was developed based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor technology. With a diameter up to 7.3m, the PMSM …

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