HVLS fans slowly flow into associate oversize amounts of air as a result of the air is forced from above the fan and pushed down throughout a conic form to the bottom below.

Rotating at low speed, RTFANS’s HVLS industrial ceiling fans move the foremost air over the most important house at rock bottom value.

RTFANS, Having been inside the high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan business for over 10 years, and with over cardinal years of accumulated experience, we have a tendency to tend to area unit excited to be ready to deliver completely different — and better — industrial fan solutions.

Industrial Air Cooler

Industrial air coolers improves the standard of air and ensures a cushty operating surroundings that ends up in a considerable increase in productivity. Our vary of professional quality air coolers is factory-made in china.

We area unit engaged in producing and activity physical change Air Cooler, backed by the innovative concepts of our hot personnel. As designed & developed mistreatment the most recent technology, the precise vary is ensured to deliver economical performance. Low in maintenance, these coolers have gained wider market acceptance.

Koolair’s industrial air coolers area unit designed to make sure lower maintenance prices even with a rigorous load over the system, ensuring the practicality and productivity of the business aren't hindered because of the air coolers. Our industrial air coolers are specifically optimized for industrial and industrial areas like workshops, restaurants, gyms, and factories.

Portable Air Cooler

The portable air cooler is right for a tiny low workplace or sleeping room in appliance climates (where humidness stays below 50%). You will get additional of a cool breeze than intense cold air, however, it is a solid reasonable possibility for a space that desires a chill. It does not have to be compelled to be connected to a window to figure, thus you have got additional flexibility in selecting wherever to position it. The enclosed remote is an additional bonus — management it without having to move.

The cooling system (Swamp Cooler) and Fan offer a compact however powerful cooling. The dual-function permits you to feature water to the tank for physical change cooling in arid climates, otherwise you will use the 250 CFM tower fan alone to refresh your area. Either way, you will get pleasure from cool breezes across one hundred sq. feet of way and many nice options in an exceedingly tiny package.

Keep cool and cozy with the koolair portabel air cooler options easy-roll casters for easy movability.

Portable Air Cooler


Portable Air Cooler


Portable Air Cooler


Portable Air Cooler


Portable Air Cooler


Portable Air Cooler


Portable Air Cooler


Portable Air Cooler


Evaporative Cooling Pad

Using mechanical ventilation along with the cooling pad can make goodcooling effect and control temperature automatically.



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