PMSM Fan use for Factories & Warehouses.

Best High Volume Low Speed Fan Supplier in CHINA.

PMSM fan use for Factories & Warehouses.

PMSM fan use for Factories & Warehouses.


RTFANS use PMSM for low noise, high performance, and efficiency. It is to boot characterized by swish rotation over the full vary of a variable speed motor, total force management at zero speed, and fast acceleration and fastness. To achieve such management, we tend to use field-oriented management FOC techniques (also observed as vector control) for our PMSM.

PMSM used for superior and high-efficiency motor drives. The full speed varies of the motor will characterize excellent management by swish rotation over the whole speed vary of the automobile, total force management at zero rates, and fast acceleration and fastness.

What is PMSM Fan?

Synchronous motor

  1. Large industrial & commercial fan driven by the PMSM motor saves the reducer link, has no gear and high speed running bearings, so it absolves to replace the oil, the reduction of the gear and bearing replacement maintenance thus on. It is very done the maintenance-free and greatly improved the service life of the large industrial fan. It brings loads of reliable experience for the user.
  2. A magnet motor (PMSM) could also be thought-about a bit like a brushless electricity (BLDC) motor. Like BLDC motors, PMSMs ar rotating electrical motors that have magnet rotors and wound stators. They have a three-phase machine layout that’s meant to form arced flux distribution at intervals the air gap, making the rear voltage (BEMF) arced.

HVLS Fan Specification


Applicable for Large Space & Tall Industrial Area
9ft,12ft, 16ft,18ft, 20ft, 24ft Diameter HVLS Fans

Model Fan Dia.
Motor Power
RPM Air Flow
Applicable Area
RTF-DF-7E 7.3m/24ft 1.5 0~54 15000 3 1800 36
RTF-DF-6E 6.4m/21ft 1.5 0~54 13000 2.85 1450 36
RTF-DF-5E 5.5m/18ft 1.5 0~62 11000 2.5 1100 36
RTF-DF-4E 4.9m/16ft 1.2 0~62 9500 2.35 850 36
RTF-DF-3E 3.7m/12ft 1.2 0~70 7500 2.1 630 36
RTF-DF-2E 3.7m/12ft 1.2 0~70 5500 1.85 400 36
Fan Dia.(M/FT) 7.3m/24ft 5.5m/18ft
Motor Power(KW/HP) 1.5 1.2
RPM 0~54 0~62
Air Flow 15000 11000
Current 3 2.5
Applicable Area 1800 1100
Noise(DB) 36 36

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HVLS Fans Wind Chill Effect

The gentle breeze brings by RTFANS HVLS fans to our body can accelerate sweat evaporation and make people feeling cool, usually, this sensible temperature created by wind chill effect can be 5-8℃, in addition, the gentle wind from all sides will make people more comfortable compared with a traditional powerful fan.

How to make people feel cooling down 5-8℃ by use high-volume low-speed fans?

The running of a big diameter industrial fan blade accelerates the airflow and increases the evaporative efficiency of the sweat on a human being’s body, and this evaporation process takes away heat in the body, that’s called wind chill effect.

As for the specific influence created by different wind speeds, please see the above graph, which can show you different temperatures with different wind speeds to make the difference that people feeling.


  1. German “Nord” customized coaxial bevel reduction gears with a diameter of axle 40mm.
  2. German “Simrit” double oil seal design, durable and reliable.
  3. “Shell” top class “Omala” S4 lubrication oil, zero maintenance for over 20000 hours.
  4. low maintenance and long service life.
  5. High efficiency for low operating costs.
  6. Robust grey cast iron housing.
  7. High axial and radial load capacities enable reliable operation.
  8. Quiet running.

  1. High strength aircraft aluminum alloy: AA6063T6511 with PVFD surface coating.
  2. The design developed by Profili 2.0 – professional software for wing airfoils managing, drawing and analysis.
  3. Patented airfoil design, specially designed reinforcing rib support system to increase both strength and flexibility.
  4. Inner equipped steel cable, the stiffened reinforcement combination, the module to prevent fan blade cracking(Optional).
  5. 6 blades, Customized fan blade colour.

  1. Denmark “DANFOSS” frequency converter & German “Schneider” electrical sets.
  2. Penetration of dust is minimized thanks to coated PCBs, the drive ensures reliable and cost-effective operation also in demanding environments.
  3. Radio disturbance from motor cables is limited due to built-in RFI filters.
  4. Lifetime of the drive is extended and reliability improved as a result of the effective heat sink that removes heat from the electronics.
  5. Energy consumption can be reduced as kinetic energy in the application can be transformed into braking power to slow down the motor.

  1. German “Nord” customized coaxial bevel reduction gears with a diameter of axle 40mm.
  2. Innovative double chassis design, more durable and steady.
  3. Imported NASA-inspired super alloy (AA7075).
  4. Precision high-pressure forging japan technology (Σ B 600Mpa).
  5. T6 heat processing.

Unique Cardan joint design, working as a human beings’ joint, to decrease the vibration and keep fan best balanced during operation.

HVLS Fan Space Ventilation

Usually the ventilation is restricted in a tall and large space, and the exhaust fan can barely work for the floor or corner of building where people and equipment located, while HVLS industrial fan can solve these problems completely by sending a well-aligned wind in full space, coordinated with the evaporative air cooler, to improve the air quality and achieve a healthy and comfortable working environment.


HVLS Fans Dehumidification

RTFANS HVLS industrial ceiling fan facilitates the flow of air and dispenses the damp, to improve the comfort level for people in the house.

HVLS fan can accelerate the air mixing of whole space which helps to distribute and absorb the odors, smoke, and humidity very well, thus to improve the quality of air and provide a fresh, arid and safe environment.

Inside Air Normal 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
Inside Air With HVLS Fan 27% 35% 43% 50% 58% 65%
Dehumidification 3% 5% 7% 10% 12% 15%
Reduction Rate 10.00% 12.50% 14.00% 16.67% 17.14% 18.75%

Application Solutions

PMSM Fans For Hall

RTFANS silent airflow cools worshipers in churches, prayer room, auditorium, by pushing down ventilated cool air in spaces with tall cathedral ceilings.

PMSM Fans For Small Space

Theaters, convention centers, airport, waiting room, bus station, even cattle farms--all benefit from optimum airflow. RTFANS provide three-dimensional gentle breeze, improving comfort while reducing energy costs.


Comfort in gym and fitness centers is as important as the equipment itself. RTFANS improve air quality and help fitness enthusiasts keep cool during tough excercises.

Compared With Powerful Fan

  • Cover 1800m² per unit with 13200m³/min, full space covered with its 7.3m diameter fan blade.
  • Installation by mounted to the ceiling, simple and elegant.
  • Tridimensional and natural breeze from all direction, with most comfortable wind speed 1-3m/s, with less noise.
  • Almost zero maintenance
    after proper installation.
  • 8-10 years.
  • Wind can only reach the area in front of the fan, can not work well if people frequently move.
  • Mounted on the wall or standing on the floor, need space to put or store.
  • Long-time exposure to high-speed wind will cause dizziness,
    noisy during operation.
  • High failure rate, and need maintenance and cleaning frequently.
  • 3-5 years.

Compared With Powerful Fan​

HVLS Fan Powerful Fan
Fan Diameter (m) 7.3 0.75
Power (kW) 1.5 0.36
Air Flow (m³/min) 13,500
Effective Area (m²) 1,500 30
Factory Area 9000m² 9000m²
Total Units installed 6 300
Total Kw Installed 9 108
@10hrs/day @26 d/m
28,080 336,960

Compared With Powerful Fan

  • During Spring or Autumn when temperature keep in a range from 20-34 ℃, for those space with AC system, it’s awkward to decide if need to run the AC system, while with HVLS fan, you can forget the electricity bill caused by AC system!

  • It cost a huge when AC system fully running, while the HVLS fan can spread the cold air into every corner of the space during AC running, make it more well proportioned.

  • In addition, testing shows that we can save power consumption 20% by setting AC temperature 1℃ higher, HVLS fan can shorten the running time of AC or decrease the running quantity of AC, but achieve a same cooling effect!

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