I need to cool a large space. Will an HVLS fan help?

Frequently asked questions about HVLS fans(large industrial/commercial/PMSM fans) and air coolers with explanatory links.

Yes, high volume low speed (HVLS) fans can help you in this regard. They can ventilate a very large area. If you are using air conditioners, then these fans can spread the air to every corner of the area. Moreover, it will also reduce the time of cooling; thus, it reduces your monthly bills. In normal temperature when you don’t need an air conditioner, you can use these fans to provide cool air. It can decrease the temperature of the area to a few degrees. Further, these large diameter commercial/industrial ceiling fans provide fresh and healthy air to the people.

RTFANS have a wide range of extra-large commercial and big industrial HVLS ceiling fans. You can get the best possible option according to the area. You can also get HVLS fans for the home to ventilate your rooms and big lounges. These fans can cover a large area at a very low running cost as compared to traditional fans.