You can press the link to watch how to install the industrial ceiling fan. It is easy to install the HVLS ceiling fan by yourselves.

  • Step 1: Clip-on any steel H-beam, without changing any steel structure.
  • Step 2: RTFANS Cardan joint allows the fan to make free oscillation and find it’s level position no matter what the slope is.
  • Step 3: Connect the ends of the extension rod with the Cardan joint and drive device by bolts.
  • Step 4: The drive device has been assembled to be one unit before delivery, fix it to the extension rod by using bolts.
  • Step 5: Please ensure the angle between each steel wire and the drive device is 45°, make sure the drive device of fan at a vertical level position.
  • Step 6: Take the bottom cover close to the blade wheel and tighten it by bolts.

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