Does an HVLS fan use a lot of electricity?

Frequently asked questions about HVLS fans(large industrial/commercial/PMSM fans) and air coolers with explanatory links.

Using the HVLS fan is a cost-effective and reliable solution for ventilation of large areas. You need to use fewer giant leading-edge industrial and commercial ceiling fans as compared to traditional powerful fans. The power consumption per unit area of HVLS fans is much lesser than other types of fans. It is because you only install a few units of HVLS fans for a large area. While there could be hundreds of units if you would have chosen other fans. Thus, HVLS fans use very less amount of electricity per unit area as compared to other fans.

From the table below you can analyze the number of RTFANS HVLS fans and other fans for a 9000 sq. meters area. There is a huge difference in number which creates a huge difference in power as well.

Fan Diameter (m) 7.3
Power (kW) 1.5
Air Flow (m³/min) 13,500(810,000)
Effective Area (m²) 1,500
Factory Area 9000m²
Total Units installed 6
Total Kw Installed 9
Consumption/Year @10hrs/day @26 days/mth 28,080
Surprisingly, the airflow of HVLS fans and their covered area is also much greater than other hundreds of fans. Therefore, you get excellent air ventilation at a low cost. To save energy, get industrial and commercial ceiling fans without lights. Back To FAQ.