Fan & Cooler Combo Introduction

  • It’s a combination of HVLS fan and Evaporative air cooler. The concept is to use both advantages from the two products. With fresh cooled air from air cooler and high volume low speed air movement from HVLS fan, you will get a perfect environment with the lowest cost; fresh cooled air can be distributed to every corner.
  • Compare with using only one product, it cost too much for air cooler to use ducting system but only get spot cooling; HVLS fan can make air circulation but it’s not enough because in hot season people need cooled air.
  • Fan and cooler combo realize a perfect solution for big space cooling and ventilation, no matter indoor or outdoor.

Why Choose Fan & Cooler Comb?

Why Fan & Cooler Combo Solution works perfectly for large space ventilation and cooling?

  • The unique advantage of air cooler is that it can drop air temperature with only 20% power consumption compare to traditional AC, but need air ducting hang on the ceiling which impact space utilization and image.
  • The unique advantage of HVLS is the high volume low speed air movement ability, each fan enable to cover more than 1000 square meters, but can’t get temperature drop;
  • Fan & Cooler Combo take both advantages and can provide an optimized ventilation and cooling environment for users.

Fan & Cooler Combo Advantage

  • Fresh and cooled air is distributed into every corner of the building, bring soft breeze in all direction.
  • High volume, low noise, better environment.
  • No ducting in building, cost saving and space utilized, neat and easy to organize.
  • The system can be used together or independently: In hot season, fan & cooler combo system work the best; in less hot season, can use HVLS fan only for ventilation.