Fan & Cooler Combo

» Maintenance-free

» Cost savings

» Maximum utilization

» Wind design, full range ventilation system

Compare with traditional ventilation systems

» The project was completed quickly

» Increased space utilization

» Central centralized control system

» Maintenance work is small and simple

Maximum utilization

Used fan & cooler combo system, the installation of a large number of ventilation ducts can be reduced.

Central system

The centralized control system with industrial fans & air coolers combo can help customers to operate faster and easier.

Cost savings

The combination of fans and coolers can save a lot of labor and electricity to reduce the company's operating costs.

Wind design

High volume, low speed, perfect wind streamline design, can meet customer needs for ventilation and cool very well.


We promise to guarantee the quality of all products for 3 years after the completion of the project, so as to avoid the doubt of customers.

full range system

Easily update to the latest version of our products with the click of a button thanks to built in remote updates.


24ft big industrial ceiling fans

industrial ceiling fans

20ft big industrial ceiling fans

industrial ceiling fans

18ft big industrial ceiling fans


16ft big industrial ceiling fans


24ft big PMSM hvls fans


18ft big PMSM hvls fans

PMSM fans

12ft big PMSM hvls fans


Evaporative Air cooler 18000 CFM


Industrial Air Cooler 23000 CFM

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“Fan & Cooler Combo” got successful practice in the service market and be recognized by many customers at the same time, it also got attention by some design colleges to promote this concept. It’s a kind of design concept in the forefront of the industry and highly optimized.

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