Fan & Cooler Combo

» Maintenance-free

» Cost savings

» Maximum utilization

» Wind design, full range ventilation system

Compare with traditional ventilation systems

» The project was completed quickly

» Increased space utilization

» Central centralized control system

» Maintenance work is small and simple

Maximum utilization

Used fan & cooler combo system, the installation of a large number of ventilation ducts can be reduced.

Central system

The centralized control system with industrial fans & air coolers combo can help customers to operate faster and easier.

Cost savings

The combination of fans and coolers can save a lot of labor and electricity to reduce the company's operating costs.

Wind design

High volume, low speed, perfect wind streamline design, can meet customer needs for ventilation and cool very well.


We promise to guarantee the quality of all products for 3 years after the completion of the project, so as to avoid the doubt of customers.

full range system

Easily update to the latest version of our products with the click of a button thanks to built in remote updates.

Who Is Kool Air and RTFANS?

RTFANS is a successful brand of Kool Air, we are providing services in the ventilation and evaporative cooling technology for more than 18 years. Our aim to provide excellent ventilation through our huge industrial, commercial and residential ceiling HVLS fans.

Kool Air has become an industry leader in providing evaporative cooling solutions globally. We are experts in providing ventilation and cooling solutions for large areas. We try to make businesses environmental-friendly by improving air quality. Our teams strive to provide fresh working and living environments to increase comfort and productivity. You can use RTFANS huge industrial HVLS fans and commercial HVLS fans for large areas such as shopping malls, agricultural farms, warehouses, libraries, factories, workshops, waiting rooms, restaurants, etc.

We are striving to make better products for our customers. We believe in innovation, so we try to come with new ideas. During the past years, we have made our fans better, durable and easy to use. We are still working on and testing new technologies such as PMSM fans. Our researchers try to make everything convenient and ensure high performance. We have 25 patent certificates which tell how much we care about innovation and new technology.

Our brand RTFANS is available at a reasonable price in India, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, and some other countries. We have served 3,250 customers till now in different countries and our vision is to be a global environmental technology supplier.

What Are HVLS Fans?

HVLS fans can provide a high volume of air at low speed; therefore, they are named HVLS that stands for High Volume Low Speed. These fans have very low revolutions per minute as compared to other fans. But due to their large size, they can provide a high volume of air at low speed. The size of these fans can vary from 2.8m (8ft) to 7.3m (24ft). This is their diameter from one tail to another. Moreover, they have a different aerodynamic design as well. The blades are not like normal fans, they have a special aerodynamic design. The number of blades is also more than normal fans. RTFANS all huge HVLS fans have six blades and a patented airfoil design for better strength and flexibility.

The size of big HVLS fans depends on the type of fan. There usually two types of large HVLS fans that are, Industrial HVLS fans and Commercial HVLS fans. While RTFANS has one more type which is PMSM HVLS fans. You can select the fan according to the area of your place.

All these fans are excellent to provide fresh air to the environment. Their high airflow creates a chill effect of 5-8˚C. The airflow can be up to 13,500 cubic meters/minute. Due to excellent airflow, they send a well-aligned wind to a huge area. They can also reduce the humidity of the area. They reduce your energy bill because you only need to use a few units of them, and they assist your main cooling system as well. Overall, these fans are excellent for large areas such as terminal stations, shopping centers, and factories.

How Do I Install RTFANS HVLS Fans?

There are ten simple steps to install the RTFANS HVLS fans, but you need to be careful while installation. Let’s see the installation steps in detail.

1)      Connecting the Fan

Locate the steel H-beam where you want to install the fan. Installation of RTFANS huge industrial ceiling fans is easy. You can connect the fan using the standard clip device. The device will help you to connect the fan directly to H-beam without changing the structure. If you have a concrete beam, then you need to install the standard device with the help of extension bolts. You can adjust the device and fix it on the beam according to its width. The expansion bolts will handle the weight of the fan.

2)      Installation of Cardan Joint

RTFANS large industrial ceiling fans come with a Cardan Joint. It is just like a human-joint that decreases the vibration of the fan. It makes the fan safe to use. In most cases, the beams are not straight, they are tilted, so the Cardan Joint will help you to align the fan perfectly. Your fan will be oscillation-free.

3)     Extension Rod

The third step is the installation of the extension rod at the end of the Cardan joint. This rod allows you to set the height of the fan according to the height of the place. One end of the extension rod is connected to the Cardan joint and the other is connected with a drive device.

4)      Drive Device Installation

The Drive Device is the main thing that will rotate the fan blades. You can now connect the drive device to the extension rod. You need 2-3 people to lift it because it is heavy.

5)      Power Supply

Now you need to connect the power supply to the motor. You need to take wires to the fan using sleeves and conduit. It is better to make a simple conduit layout to make everything easy. The power supply should be off while you are working. Otherwise, there is a high risk of electric shocks. If you have 380V at the place, then connect the fan in y-type of wiring. But if it is 220V, then connect in delta-type. After connection, you can install the control box.

hvls fans Power Supply

6)      Steel Wire Ropes

You will get four steel wire ropes to connect the fan with the building structure. It is an excellent safety measure to prevent any accidents. You can insert eye-bolts in the building structure. Use the turnbuckle screw to connect the steel wire with the safety ring of the fan. The angle between the fan and the ropes should be 45˚. After installation of the ropes, tight them using the turnbuckle screw and make sure that the fan is in the vertical position. You should use a leveling instrument for the purpose.

7)      Safety Cable

There is a wire rope connected with the motor frame and wound on the roof steel structure. It forms a closed loop which a good safety measure.

8)      Installation of Empennage

Now insert the empennage to the airfoil blades and connect it using bolts. Make sure everything tightened perfectly.

9)      Installation of Airfoil Blade

Insert the airfoil blade into the blade pin and tighten it using bolts. Connect the safety locks from one blade to another. It will prevent the blades from falling.

10)  Bottom Cover

The last step is to install the bottom cover and tighten it using bolts.

How Do Ceiling Fans Cool A Room?

RTFANS big industrial ceiling fans can provide a chill effect to the people in the area. This chill effect can be around 5-8˚C.

Large industrial ceiling fans do not cool a room like an air conditioner. The question arises is, “How do people feel cooling effect due to huge industrial ceiling fans?” The answer is simple, due to the high volume of air and accelerated airflow, the evaporative efficiency of sweat is increased. Whenever evaporation happens, it takes the energy from the body and provides a cooling effect. This cooling effect is also known as the chill effect. In the human body, the evaporation of sweat is accelerated due to high airflow from big industrial ceiling fans. The sweat evaporates and provides a cooling sensation to the person. This is the reason that people feel the cooling effect due to large industrial ceiling fans. They feel more comfortable and fresher.

RTFANS big industrial ceiling fans have the capability to provide chilling sensation from 5˚C-8˚C. They can provide healthy and fresh air for the people in the area. In normal temperature when you don’t need an air conditioner, these fans can be beneficial, they can save you’re the energy used by air conditioners.

All RTFANS big industrial ceiling fans can provide this cooling sensation, you can buy all our products in India, Philippines, China, and other countries at a reasonable price.


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