HVLS Fans – Factory Cooled Down, Staff Cheers up.

It is the best way to factory cooled down, and staff cheers up used by RTFANS HVLS fans.

Summer heat can cause indoor conditions to become much hotter than desired; ventilation and cooling are crucially essential to reduce temperatures inside buildings.

Indoor temperatures can improve the environment for plants and animals, plus significantly improve working conditions for employees.

Research shows that the work efficiency of workers is the best when the indoor temperature remains between 24℃ to 26℃. Lower or higher temperatures will influence the best work efficiency.

  • High temperature can not only impact the production efficiency but also bad for health, it may cause dehydration and heatstroke.
  • High-temperature environmental impact the accident rate. The incidence of the accident will remain at a low level when the temperature at 20℃ to 24℃. The accident rate will increase markedly when the temperature is higher 30℃ and lower 10℃.

RTFANS, with nearly 20 years practical engineering experience, with (fans & cooler comb)HVLS fan + Air Cooler combined system, to provide you efficient solutions on space cooling, can not only help your place being well ventilated, but also significantly drop the temperature and cool down the area, to create a comfortable environment for the workers, boom up the morale and raise the working efficiency.

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