Evaporative Air Cooler Manufacturer.

RTFANS provides professional-quality accessories of Evaporative Air Coolers, which are used For cooling Warehouse/Factory.

Evaporative Air Cooler Manufacturer.

Evaporative Air Cooler Manufacturer.

Elbow Duct

The elbow creates a sealed connection that simplifies the assembly of the piping system.


The design by used modular and clamped together creates a sealed joint that simplifies assembly of the piping system,

Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket with simple and firm support improves the safety of the Evaporative air cooler.

Auto Swing Nozzle

Specially designed air inlet shutter shape to ensure maximum air inlet while can keep rain and dust outside.

Manual Swing Nozzle

Exclusive diffuser.

Auto Swing Nozzle

Power-driven swing diffuser.

Cooling Pad

High evaporative efficiency, low air resistance, Anti-bacterial, Anti-algae, Healthy, and environmentally friendly.

Fan Blade

integrated one-piece fan blades with patent structure and design – lower noise with high airflow.

Fan Motor

High quality motor – burabel and stable operation.

Water Pump

Water Pump can save energy and reduce consumption.

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