PMSM HVLS Fan – an innovative Ceiling fan for smaller Space. | RTFANS

Total 9 units of PMSM HVLS fan RTF-DF-5E with diameter 5.5 meters and 46 units of RDF-18 with airflow 18000m3/h were installed in a 4000m2 home appliance factory recently. RTFANS use PMSM for low noise, high performance, and efficiency. It is to boot characterized by swish rotation over the full vary of a variable speed motor, total force management at zero speed, and fast acceleration and fastness. With only 4.5 meters high, a traditional HVLS fan is not suitable to be installed in the factory area. We proposed with our PMSM HVLS Fan & air cooler Combined(fan & cooler comb) ventilation and cooling system solution. PMSM Series fan is an innovative large commercial ceiling fan, using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor technology with direct drive, …

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giant industrial ceiling fans

Best giant industrial ceiling fans for home without lights | RTFANS.

Our giant industrial ceiling fans have the facility to chill any industrial building, massive or little. With a balance of innovative fan style options and powerful airflow, RTFANS industrial ceiling fans without lights area unit the proper style answer that makes a cushty temperature whereas maintaining energy potency for any facility. An excellent explanation is giant industrial ceiling fans – additionally called HVLS fans (High Volume, Low Speed). HVLS fans deliver an economical climate management answer by generating massive amounts of airflow. RTFANS’s giant industrial fans produce air movement, and circulation that cools the air helps management humidness. Good air quality and correct ventilation area unit essential for high-quality farm products and healthy farm animals. RTFANS HVLS industrial ceiling fans create beautiful barn fans as they …

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ventilate by used industrial ceiling fan

Ventilate by using RTFANS industrial ceiling fan | RTFANS.

RTFANS have a vast range of large industrial ceiling fans for space ventilation and cooling solutions. There are different models available in different sizes. All the models have a six-blades aerodynamic design to provide good ventilation in the area. There are many benefits to using large industrial ceiling fans. Let’s discuss some reasons for using RTFANS large industrial ceiling fans. Ventilation is necessary to keep the air fresh and pollutant-free. By excellent ventilation, the people in the area remain fresh and healthy. It provides fresh air and takes out air pollutants from the area. Especially, large areas need ventilation such as shopping malls, libraries, supermarkets, gyms, etc. All these large areas should be ventilated; otherwise, there is a greater probability …

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large commercial hvls ceiling fans

How do you know about hvls ceiling fans used for churches? | RTFANS

Hey! How do you know about large commercial HVLS ceiling fans used for churches&warehouses? ——It is your perfect solution for big space Ventilation & Cooling. HVLS Fan(large commercial ceiling fans) can be installed in any big space which is higher than 4.5 meters. RTFANS started its business in 2003 from an engineering company distributing air cooler and ventilation products to industrial supply. After 17 years of development, it is becoming the leading manufacturer and main player in an air cooler, HVLS fan, and ventilation products and system in China. RTFANS team always focuses on industrial ventilation and cooling solutions. Continuous improvement and development of products are our keys to success. For industrial customers, they always want reliable products – industrial ceiling …

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whats the best ventilation solution

What‘s the best ventilation solution | RTFANS.

What‘s the best ventilation solution for big machinery workshop? RTFANS HVLS fan. Full stop!!! 20″ industrial HVLS fans – RTF-CF-7E were installed in Luigong machinery factory recently. Liugong is continuously improving the working environment for employees. Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd, is one of the leading manufacturers for construction machinery, as the first listed company in Guangxi Province, it has 13 wholly-owned and joint-venture subsidiaries, with total assets of nearly 30 billion yuan, and 13,000 employees in its headquarters and subsidiaries. Nearly 1500 foreign employees.

factory cooled down staff cheers up

HVLS fans – factory cooled down, staff cheers up | RTFANS.

It is the best way to factory cooled down, and staff cheers up used by RTFANS HVLS fans. Summer heat can cause indoor conditions to become much hotter than desired; ventilation and cooling are crucially essential to reduce temperatures inside buildings. Indoor temperatures can improve the environment for plants and animals, plus significantly improve working conditions for employees. Research shows that the work efficiency of workers is the best when the indoor temperature remains between 24℃ to 26℃. Lower or higher temperatures will influence the best work efficiency. High temperature can not only impact the production efficiency but also bad for health, it may cause dehydration and heatstroke. High-temperature environmental impact the accident rate. The incidence of the accident will remain at a low …

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disadvantage of pmsm fans

What are the disadvantages of PMSM Fans?

Large commercial fans are very beneficial, and they are essential for large and small spaces. They provide healthy and fresh air in the area. Many factories, shopping malls, farms, libraries are using large commercial fans; therefore, they are in demand. You can also get an HVLS fan for small space, there are different sizes available for different places. Manufacturers are trying new and more advanced technologies. PMSM fan is also a new technology that is still in improvement stages. It has its advantages and disadvantages. So, we will discuss all the disadvantages of this new technology. But before getting into the disadvantages, we would like to discuss PMSM fans. What are PMSM fans? PMSM fans are large commercial and industrial …

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can rtfans hvls fan work together with ac

Can RTFANS HVLS fan work together with AC ?

Can RTFANS HVLS fans work together with AC? Surely YES. 7%-10% saving in electric power consumption by setting AC temperature 1 ℃ higher, 14%-20% saving in electric power consumption by setting AC temperature 2℃ higher,…………… Just calculate how much you can save! If you have a 10000m² area, It cost a fortune when the AC system fully operates. To get cost down you can just add a few units of RTFANS HVLS fan. HVLS fan can spread the cold air all over the whole space, the breeze brings by HVLS fan accelerate the evaporation of sweat, to make people feel 2-5℃ colder. Even if you set AC temperature 1~2℃ higher, you will get a more comfortable environment to compare with …

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is hvls fan safe

Is HVLS fan safe?

Many people come across this question, “Is HVLS fan safe?” People and new businessmen don’t know much about it and they get confused with the big size of Industrial HVLS fans. Most people think that an Industrial HVLS fan can be dangerous due to its large size. But we are going to clear all your confusions and misconception. The short answer to the question is “YES”. We understand that this short answer will not make you satisfied; therefore, we are going to discuss how and why RTFANS Big Industrial HVLS fan is safe. Why RTFANS Large Industrial HVLS Fan is Safe? We understand safety concerns; therefore, we make our fans safe for our customers. We take all kinds of safety …

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do hvls fans cool your space down

Do HVLS FANS cool your space down?

Do HVLS fans cool your space down? NO. Fans actually add heat to a room. One way to think about it is like this: If you have a perfectly insulated room and you put an electric fan in it, then the room temperature will go up. Why is that? –All the electricity that is driving the fan turns directly into heat. So a fan does not cool the room at all, HVLS fan does not, either. What a fan does is create a wind chill effect. When people talk about wind chill on a cold winter day, what they are referring to is how the wind increases convective heat loss. By blowing air around, the fan makes it easier for …

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