Advantages of PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)

Compare with traditional HVLS fan with gear, PMSM HVLS fan is much smarter and can be installed in smaller space, this makes it a more popular model in both industrial and commercial applications.

Talking about PMSM itself, we got lots of questions from customers asking about the advantages and disadvantages, here it comes a complete list of the advantages:

  • PMSM itself has high power,high efficiency and high power factor;
  • PMSM has low heat generation, so the motor cooling system has a simple structure, small in size and low noise;
  • The system adopts fully enclosed structure, transmission gear wear-free, no transmission gear noise, no lubrication, and no maintenance;
  • Large overload current is allowed by PMSM, and the reliability is significantly improved;
  • The entire transmission system is light in weight, the unsprung weight is lighter than the traditional axle transmission, and power is great per unit weight;
  • Because there is no gearbox, the bogie system can be freely designed- soft bogie, single-axle bogie, etc, so that the dynamic performance is greatly improved;
  • The motor can be integrally mounted on the axle to form an integral direct drive system, that is, one axle is one drive unit, no need gearbox.
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