Fan & Cooler Combo


Brand : RTF
Model : OPT-YD
Diameter : 2.6*2.7
Kw/Hp : 0.75
RPM : 0~80
CMM : 6500
Current : 2.95
Sqm. : 600


1. High Volume, low noise, the fresh and cooled air will be dispensed into the user space that radiate in all direction. 

2. Without air duct in building, saving cost and space, as well as more beautiful. 

3. In hot season, open the fan and Cooler system to make building ventilation and cooling. In winter season, open the fan system to make building ventilation and dehumidification. 

Fan & Cooler comb

Fan & Cooler comb

Fan & Cooler comb

  • There is a large well-know electric equipment factory especially engaged in the production and development all kind of home appliance. It has a half open workshop with an area of 7000 square meters and the height of 11 meters.   There is 160 workers located in the production line area at the right side of diagram.  

  • Because the factory building adopts the steel frame structure which can easily absorb heat and the internal air can not form convection, it is very hot and the ventilated is poor.  

  • Consequently, the indoor temperature is approximately 5℃ higher than outside air temperature up to 38~39 ℃ in hot season which causes the defect rate of the  production line to rise. 

Fan & Cooler comb

At the end of 2015, the Electric equipment factory started the ventilation, cooling and humidifying solution of Kool Air. It selected 40 Kool Air coolers and 8 HVLS ceiling fan to fully meet the three effects of conveying fresh air, reducing temperature and increasing air humidity in the workshop, which improve the work efficiency and production efficiency, and realized the desired effect of the customers.