How to build cold room?

2017-05-25 14:42:55 koolair 45469

In order to make the goods can get better storage, many families or enterprises need to build a small cold room, the current market, a small refrigerator combined one of the most common method, but the small refrigerator combination is exactly what kind of content, a solution about the knowledge of Ireland international.


As we all know, small refrigerator mainly can be divided into two types of indoor and outdoor, but in the choice of when we should comply with the relevant conditions, the ambient temperature is maintained in the cold outside the suggestions above 35 degrees, but also should keep the humidity of eighty percent. Recommended temperature in cold store is maintained at five degrees to five degrees below zero, it is L to set the temperature of the cold storage, cold storage D need to meet five degrees below zero to twenty degrees below zero temperature, J cold storage needs to maintain twenty-five degrees below zero temperature, this is actually a small refrigerator combined to meet the requirements.

Cold food is also required to comply with the corresponding temperature, L cold storage temperature of food should be kept in thirty degrees, grade D or J grade cold stored food needs to meet fifteen degrees, which is a small refrigerator combined.

The volume of goods piled up activities of cold storage in about sixty-nine percent, when the storage items need to be multiplied by zero Ba Lai modified quantity per day purchase should be cold storage capacity of about eight percent, this is the key to the use of small refrigerator combined.

In small cold storage combined with most of the use of plastic coated steel sheet, China Refrigeration recommended library has relatively high density polystyrene as insulation material, so it can make the base body can meet a good rigidity, high strength. Base body small refrigerator combined has good sealing performance, the cold temperature suggested at five degrees to twenty-three degrees, the temperature of cold storage type special combination can reach thirty degrees below zero, can meet the requirement for different purposes, can also have different industry sector demand.

A small refrigerator combined in the design of the time, the cold temperature is mostly below zero, then you should design the channel overhead, so it can play the role of natural ventilation. Cold storage plate and the ground will direct contact, so we must keep the flat on the ground, if the demand is high, that can be placed in cold storage wood below, Ireland international provide wood are embalmed, can help us to ventilation effect, of course, we can also choose to use the channel increase the ventilation effect.

Some of the content above is a small refrigerator combined, in order to make the product quality can be effectively guaranteed, so we must pay attention to the details for these, consider these aspects in the design of a small refrigerator, but also allows companies to fully meet the needs of.