• RDF-23 high end series are professional strong plastic structured models with axial fan, which needs to be installed with air ducting system. Fixed installation model is appropriate to be installed on solid places such as outside wall, grounds, concrete or Zinc-steel structured roof. Target Applications: Workshops, Factories, Supermarket, School&Church, Entertainment Centers.
BRAND: RDF Model No.: RDF-23B/T
Voltage/Hertz(V/HZ): 220/50;380/50 Airflow(m³/h): 23000
Power(kw/HP): 1.5 Water Tank(L): 25~35
Air Outlet(mm): 670*670/730*730 Unit Size(mm): 1100*1100*(1250/1300)

Cooling Principle

  • As schematically shown, when the cooler is working, water is pumped from the tank to the water distributor, and distributed evenly to the vaporative cooling pads, then go back to the tank. Meanwhile, the outside hot air is drawn through the?wetted cooling pads and filtered and reduced in temperature before delivering to the user space.

How does evaporative air cooler work?

  • Filtered and cooled by an evaporative air cooler, the outdoor fresh air is continuously sent into the indoor space through the air duct and air supply outlets. With the continuous supply of fresh air, the indoor space is in a positive pressure condition, thus the original hot air containing odor and dust will be emitted out of the room, resulting in a cool, ventilated, clean and comfortable environment. Suitable exhaust area and effective exhaust are essential for satisfactory performance of any evaporative air cooling system.

Relative Humidity

  • This zone is not applicable as in reality when the temperature is relatively high, RH is predominantly lower than the supply air temperature.With the wind-chill effect, the effective temperature for thermal human comfort is 1~2℃ lower than the Supply Air Temperature
Amb. Temp Relative Humidity
20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%
20 12 13 14.5 15.5 16.5 17.5 18.5 19.2
25 16 17 18.5 20 21 22 23 24
30 19.5 21 22.5 24 25 25 28 28.9
35 23 25 26.5 28.5 30 30 32.5 33.7
40 25.6 28.1 30.4 32.3 33.9
45 29.2 32 34.4
50 32.7 35.8


Model Discharge Type Max Airfolw (m³/h) Voltage Hertz Phase Power Consumption (kw) Evaporative Capacity (l/h) Noise (db) Water Tank (l) Air Outlet (mm) Unit Size (mm) Net Weight (kg)
RDF-23B Bottom 23000 220~240V/50Hz/1P 380~415V/50Hz/3P 1.5 105 68 25 670*670 1100*1100*1250 79
RDF-23T TOP 23000 220~240V/50Hz/1P 380~415V/50Hz/3P 1.5 105 68 35 730*730 1100*1100*1300 87


RDF-18High efficiency cooling padRDF-18Innovative frequency conversion control design
RDF-18Water spray resistance grille in streamline designRDF-18Multiple anti-blocking filter net
RDF-18Motor with low failure and high temperature resistanceRDF-18Simulation fluid dynamics design
RDF-18High efficiency cooling padRDF-18Multiple anti-blocking filter net
RDF-18Open soft pipe water distribution systemRDF-18Multiple anti-blocking filter net
RDF-18High quality and durable water pumpRDF-18Automatic water replenishment design
RDF-18 High strength weathering frame RDF-18 Innovative design for cooling pad with PVC frame
RDF-18 High strength pillars RDF-18 Chassis in AIO design
RDF-18 Humanized chassis button RDF-18 Strong and durable motor support


Cooling Equipment
Type comparison Evaporative Air Cooler comparison Air Conditioning comparison Ventilation Fan
Capacity 18000m³/h 400000 BTU/h 40000m³/h
kw 1.1 54 1.1
Workspace Area(㎡) 1000 1000 1000
Effective Height(m) 4 4 4
Air Change Per Hour 30 Recirculating 30
Electrical Energy Consumed Total Units Insalled 10 2 8
Total KW Insalled(kw) 11 108 8.8
Electrical Units Consumed @10hrs/days @26day/mth 34320 KW/YEAR 336960 KW/YEAR 27456 KW/YEAR
Cost Conparison With Reference to AC 10.1% 100% 8%
Effects Of Various Cooling Methods Pushes out hot, taste air and ventilates with Cool Clean & Fresh Air. Circulates air inside only It is ineffective in heat generating space Only moves ambient air but offers no relief as temperature rises.

Remark:Figures base on 1000㎡ wordspace area.

Projects of AIR COOLER

Projects of AIR COOLER​

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Projects of HVLS FANS