The cool idea of natural ventilation combined with modern aerofoil technology enables the flow of omni-directional airflow through the slow rotation of large fan blades, resulting in continuous and three-dimensional wind. Large wind flow to speed up the human body surface evaporation of sweat, produce natural cooling, like people just feel the cool breeze after swimming out to sea, let the human body skin feel 4 to 6 degrees Celsius temperature, another bit of industrial fan, large industrial fan characteristics, by changing the size of the wind speed change, at the same time of adjusting human body's feelings keep body moisture, thus enhances the feeling of the human body comfort. The first HVLS large air volume and low speed industrial fan were developed and manufactured in Europe.

Dehumidification effect date sheet

  • HVLS fan can accelerate the air mixing of whole space which helps to distribute and absorb the odors, smoke and humidity very well, thus to improve the quality of air and provide a fresh, arid and safe environment


Wheel hub


Hub of large fan is the parent of safety, the bits of the continuous improvement of the wheel hub connecting mechanism to ensure optimal machine safety coefficient, maximum security imported American AA7075 superhard aluminium alloy material + precision high pressure forging (1000 tons of high pressure forging, not only improved the material density, also improve the tensile strength, can reach (570 mpa) + T6 heat treatment process, CNC precision machining process + dynamic balance testing all of good quality.

  • Forty years of reliable life design.

  • Design of force structure strength of ten times large fan.

  • Ensure the product's tolerance and dynamic balance, as the automobile wheel hub precision standard precise and reliable.

  • The global original fan blade Angle adjustment design can be adjusted according to different scene to achieve the optimal fan effect.

  • The unique design of the safety mechanism, such as anti - shedding, anti - scattering, anti - shaking, etc.

Motor Reducer

With the exclusive design of obit machine and added safety guarantee, the configuration is used to ensure the top match! Nord specializes in the construction of obit machinery production line, which is carefully produced by the fixed professional staff, so as to ensure the quality of products, ensure the process control, and timely and timely delivery cycle. Adopt the national latest standard IE2 new generation of energy-saving and efficient electric motors to save energy.


Control System

  • Radio frequency interference filter and brake chopper can effectively suppress radio interference and brake function.

  • The widest range of temperature -10 0c~55 0c, super start and braking capacity;

  • The control system circuit board increases the coating process, guarantees the super long service life;

  • It has the function of grounding fault, overtemperature, overload and short circuit protection. Stepless speed regulation with fault protection function;

  • IP55 protection level and NEMA1 standard control box.

  • The enclosure is equipped with Schneider isolation switch and three-shift switch;

Fan Blade

Fan blade -- the ultimate "implementer" of all effects, the unique propeller design perfectly embodies the effect of large air volume.

According to the American ProfiliV2 wing shape and developed simulation software and combined with wind tunnel testing of mechanical propeller unique to the shape, the bits to ensure maximum fan effect, American imports of high-performance aluminum alloy material: AA6063T6511 lifetime warranty, using extrusion technology;

  • The safety performance is improved by using the unique multi - set reinforcement method.

  • The safety of fan blade can be raised to a new height by using the unique fan blade anti-breakage treatment technology and technical means in 2016.

  • The overall safety of the fan blade and the connecting mechanism is ensured by anti-stretching and anti-fatigue test.

  • Natural anodic oxidation surface treatment (AA20um) one by one lifetime warranty;

  • Can be customized according to customer demand.

  • The design of the steel cable added to the original fan blade of obbit to increase the safety factor;