RTFANS working on a physical principle that says u2013 a puff of air that moves on the human body causes cooling.
Breaking cold air layer around the skin moist and speeds up the process of the bodyu2019s natural cooling.
Regardless of the size of the fan, ceiling fans move with the movement of air down the sides and across the floor.
This movement is called u201chorizontal air pressureu201d and directly affected by the size of the blades, the wing angle and rotation speed.
When air pressureu2019s horizontal u201ccomes to its full potential, it is scattered across the floor and walls are vertical and horizontal distribution of good and cool and ventilate large spaces.
Under ideal conditions, fan size 2.4 meters floor air pressure creates depth 0.9 meters.
Fan size 7.3 meters air pressure production floor at a depth of 2.7 meters and enough to encompass a person (or cow) at the center of the room.
Unlike Beitim ceiling fan, ceiling fans HVLS more efficient movement of air cooling and ventilation.
Indoors sometimes there is a need withdrawn conditioning and / or ceiling insulation for heat release or fresh air supply.
Older fans are able to move a greater amount of air as quickly and as points of overlap with a diameter varying fan, ceiling fan HVLS larger and creates less points u201cstripedu201d. Fan diameter 0.9 meters creator 6 times more points than the striped per square foot diameter fan 7.0 meters.
When the air stream hits the floor, horizontal air pressure is created which goes up and in any direction.
Since the height of the air pressure is directly affected by the size of the damage area, a fan with a larger diameter produces more air naturally. Fan power a significant upward move as the area around the bigger fan.
Home ceiling fan that drives the air at a speed of 32 miles per hour twice a need electricity than the same fan speed 8 mph.
Therefore, large ceiling fans that travel at slow they are effective and more efficient commercial and Beitim fans
Benefits Heating and Cooling of the RTFANS.
Ceiling fans are considered the most effective type of fans for keeping heat for cooling and ventilation. Because they are motivated by the air in the room in a rotary air pressure generated creating a better environment.
Used with air-conditioning, ceiling fan cooling allows lower temperature And keep heating temperature without affecting the comfort and considerable savings of up to another 30% in the output of the air conditioner to 50% power saving mode and can cause changing the temperature to 8u00b0C.
Studies done by experts and effective utilization show that fans of HVLS are cost effective and most effective in the world.
When they used a single ventilation system, providing fans HVLS cooling effect equivalent to removing the temperature up to 8u00b0C range up to 1850 square meters by 288-inch fan u201c2 hp motor.
Also can keep heating and energy efficient heating indoors.
HVLS structure installed heaters have high, hot air is pushed more and this causes a large amount of hot air to stay close to the floor.
HVLS ceiling fan operating in a u201creversal of directionu201d and / or actions to hot air, hot air is pushed side of the fan, through the walls to the floor u2013 an action resulting in more hot air to move down.